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The saddle must be adapted to the horse !

For the good practice of riding, the choice of the saddle is a primordial stage. Indeed, from the saddle depends on the comfort of the rider and his mount. The size, weight, material and shape of the saddle are all parameters to be taken into account when purchasing your riding accessory.

How to choose the saddle of its future mount?

To each horse corresponds a given saddle; You cannot use the same saddle to ride “Jolly Jumper,” a mustang and “Avery,” a percheron. Just as with each equestrian discipline corresponds a type of saddle. Moreover, used saddles for sale can help you to save considerably. They are reconditioned and guaranteed for several years of use.

For the choice of the saddle, there are even specialists called saddler fitter. If you do not have the means to attach the services of this professional, there are simple techniques to choose the saddle adapted to his pet. The first thing to do is, of course, to put the saddle that one thinks well on the back of his horse. The observations made will tell you whether it is appropriate or not. You can check:

  • the symmetry of the accessory,
  • the size, if it annoys lumbar vertebrae and tourniquet.
  • that the pommel and the cantle are at the same height
  • that the strap and stirrups are perpendicular to the ground…

Why should the saddle fit the horse’s shape?

Since you will spend most of the time on the back of your horse, its comfort as well as yours is at stake. This is why the saddle must fit the horse, precisely the shape of his back. Indeed, a badly adapted saddle will be uncomfortable for your mount. It may, for example, restrict the movements of the horse; Prevent it from performing certain jumps or races, etc.

Moreover, the consequences of an inadequate accessory may be more serious. Improper saddle can cause injuries to the horse’s back, including muscle and joint damage. It goes without saying that the choice of the saddle also depends on the health of your pet.

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