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What Equitack has to offer

Wherever you're headed with your horse – out on the ranch, into the show ring or out to the trail – choosing the right equipment is very important. Equitack offers the best equestrian facilities for you and your horse. Here are the accessories available for you as fine used saddles.

Find the top brands you need to outfit your horses

The first necessary thing for a horse is the saddle. All the saddles are made to last for many years. As a matter of fact, it is the key piece of accessories for horses. And especially it must be adapted to your body type and shape of your horse. So why not ensure your horse will feel his best? When it comes to saddle, most people actually decide to adopt a used one. Equitack provides many used saddles of your choice: Voltaire, antares saddles, Devoucoux saddle, and many more. Your horse will want for nothing. Just choose the saddle that fits your horse and put them to the test.

Check out the best selection of saddle accessories

Apart from all the saddles available at Equitack, there are also saddles material and accessories. In point of fact, accessories are very important to fit for both you and your horse. Also, in order to take care of your horse, you will need to get some of these accessories. There are many accessories you can find such as replacement stirrups, stirrup leather, dressage saddle pad, saddle pad, saddle cover, breastplate and many more. You can be sure to need at one point or another. Girth, umbrella, socks, saddle bags, and cap are also on sale. Additionally, cleaning products are available to protect your horse and to keep his health. They offer balsams to maintain cleanliness of your leather saddles, not to mention the glycerin soap. Considering all these facts, Equitack offers what you need for your horse, you can just check out their website.

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